Needs Based Memberships

Continuum is offering needs-based memberships for fans who would like to attend the whole convention, but are unable to for financial reasons.

The fund will cover the costs of full membership only. Unlike other fan funds, accommodation and travelling expenses are not covered – if you require assistance with these things, the Australian Fan Funds site details all funds currently operating.

To be considered, applicants will need to provide a statement of up to 150 words explaining why they would like to be considered and what they hope to gain from the experience.

All applications will be reviewed by the chair and vice-chair, and successful applicant(s) will be contacted directly. Applicants, successful or otherwise, will not be made public. We hope that the successful applicant(s) will volunteer at the convention, if able to, but this is not a requirement of the membership.

To apply, please email the below template to with the subject “Needs-based membership”.

Contact phone number:

If there are any questions or if you are interested in sponsoring a membership, please mail