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Room 1 (Granger) Room 2 (Houdini) Room 3 and 4 (Tesla)
5-6PM High Gothic Australian TV
Panelists Stephanie Lai, Michelle Goldsmith George Ivanoff, Norman Cates
Blurb Is it making a comeback? Why now? What’s it all about anyway What separates it from American or British TV? How similar is it to NZ TV and what is on air right now that you might not know about?
6-7PM Book Launch Retro: “Old but Cool” – 90s Point and Click Adventure Games Anti-Heroes
Panelists Adam Browne, Sean O’Leary Aidan Doyle, Kat Clay, Queenie Chan, Brooke Maggs, Tom Guerney Belinda-Crawford, Joe Dansberry, Zen Fletcher, Laura Wilkinson
Blurb Peggy Bright Books is pleased to be launching their two latest titles at Continuum 12.

The Tame Animals of Saturn, written and illustrated by Adam Browne, is a sumptuously-illustrated surreal adventure inspired by the extraterrestrial menagerie of 19th century mystic, Jakob Lorber, with a dash of steam-punk thrown in for good measure.

Walking is the second short story collection by emerging Australian author, Sean O’Leary. It contains dark, gritty crime and science fiction stories as well as coming-of-age pieces all based in familiar Australian settings (including Melbourne).

The Best of 90s Point and Click Adventure Games. We spent many an hour on them back in the day, is the genre still relevant, which games still hold water and which suffer from a severe case of aging? Lewd, crude, rude, dirty, violent and just plain unpleasant, anti heroes come in all kinds of shapes. Why are they so popular and why are we so quick to turn on the ‘boy scout’ heroes?
Blurb Welcome to Continuum! Come see the official opening for this year’s Convention
Continuum 101
Panelists David McDonald, PRK, Amanda Elliott
Blurb Already a Continuum veteran and don’t need to attend the 101? Go grab some grub before starting on our awesome evening panels New to Continuum? Come chat to Continuum veterans about what to expect and how to get the most out of your convention
8-9 PM Book Launch Musicals Masked Heroes
Panelists Twelfth Planet Press Katherine Phelps, Julia Svaganovic, Melissa Christie, Zen Fletcher, Norman Cates Queenie Chan, Joe Dansberry, Laura Wilkinson
Blurb Join Defying Doomsday co-editor Tsana Dolichva and author of the upcoming
collection of filmmaking essays “Something New Can Come Into This World”, Grant
Watson, for a Q&A on the making of these two new Twelfth Planet Press
releases. These titles will be available for sale/preorder at this book
launch panel.
Are they still relevant? What makes a good one? Are the best ones original works or adaptations of other media? We all wear masks. Especially if we’re heroes. But when does a hero wear the mask so much we stop caring about the person beneath and only care about their Hero identity?
9-10 PM Publishing Your Favourites are Problematic Gameshow Panel
Panelists Kylie Chan, Stephen Ormsby, Darrell Pitt, Jacinta Maree, Devin Madison Marlee Jane Ward, Alexis Herbert Townsend, Joel Martin, Stephanie Lai, Moderator: PKR George Ivanoff
Blurb Self publishing, professional publishers and in between. How do you go about getting published and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Appropriation in popular culture, how should we deal with it, how do we recognise it, how can we avoid it and should we ignore it for the sake of a good story? Whose Monologue is it anway? Come and watch a collection of First rate ‘stars’ pontificate to the tune of master Gameshow Host George Ivanoff
10-11 PM Magical Melbourne From the Ocean to the Stars Batman vs. Superman
Panelists Jane Routley, Aidan Doyle, Michael Pryor, Rjurik Davidson, Madeline D’Este Kylie Chan, Liz Barr, Norman Cates, Jason Kevin Groves David McDonald, Terry Frost, Joe Dansberry, Dorian Ellis, Darren Sanderson
Blurb Spec fic set in Melbourne: How much is there and how awesome is our city as a setting? Classic 90s Sci Fi TV took us all kinds of places. Which are still going, which do we love most, which have we forgotten about and which do we wish would return? Enjoyed by some, reviled by others, and with a Rotten Tomatoes score only 2% higher than Green Lantern, BvS has had a rather mixed reception. What happened? Is Batfleck a worthy successor and just how badass is Wonder Woman?
Warning: SPOILERS (Duh)


Room 1 (Granger) Room 2 (Houdini) Room 3 and 4 (Tesla) Workshop (Curie)
10-11 AM Books That Changed My Life Worldbuilding Strong Female Characters
Panelists David McDonald, George Ivanoff, Rjurik Davidson Ian Irvine, Belinda Crawford, Laura E. Goodin, Steve Cameron, Katherine Phelps, Tracy Joyce Queenie Chan, Michael F. Green, Devin Madison, Cecilia Quirk
Blurb Join us for a discussion of works that had a profound effect on the panellist’s lives. How to create an immersive world, how much detail is too much, how much should you tell the audience or keep in the background, how does trade fit in and how do you draw the damned map? From Katniss to Black Widow to Korra, examples that are held up as “Strong Female Characters” are almost inevitably rugged, hypercompetent, skilled in combat and at times downright violent. Can a Female Character be Strong without conforming to stereotypical male traits?
11-12 AM Cosplay 101 Book Launch – The Refuge Collection Parents in Spec Fic Tai Chi
Panelists Candice Schilder, Kat Clay, Dorian Ellis Steve Dillon Aidan Doyle, Kathryn Andersen, Michael Pryor, Tracy Joyce Kylie Chan
Blurb Characters, fabrics, designs and practical tips. Why people cosplay, how they do it, and tips for beginners. Steve Dillon is the series editor of ground-breaking Oz Horror anthology ‘The Refuge Collection.’ This is a collection of 36 short stories from different authors set in the shared world setting of Refuge. Refuge, it is claimed by those who live there, is “Heaven to Some, Hell to Others”. Usually absent, dead or useless. Why? What roles do we like to see parents (or other family members of the protagonists) take, and how can it be done without telling our hero to get to her room, it’s past bedtime? Tai Chi with Kylie Chan! Come learn the ins and outs of this ancient art with our Guest of Honour
Panelists Queenie Chan
Blurb Kylie and Queenie Chan uncover the hidden powers of fandom – Part 1
2-3 PM Geek and Sundry Apocalypse How? Religion vs. Science vs. Philosophy
Panelists Lauren E. Mitchell, Julia Svaganovic, Tabletop Owlbear (Julia is in touch) Marlee Jane Ward, Alexis Herbert Townsend, Cat Sparks, Rjurik Davidson David McDonald, Michael Sisley, Katherine Phelps, Dorian Ellis, Robert New, Moderator: PKR
Blurb Popular, amusing and very geeky. Why is it popular and how are people bringing geek content to people by unconventional means? There’s plenty of post apocalyptic media around, but what caused the apocalypse? How has the cause of the apocalypse changed over the years and how does it affect the post-apocalyptic works involved? Most future works tend to avoid the issue, but can they co-exist? Does religion have a place in the far future and can different ideologies truly co-exist?
3-4 PM Epics vs. Short Series Trans and Non-Binary Characters Shared Cinematic Universes Cosplay Prop Making
Panelists Kylie Chan, Sue Bursztynski, Michael F. Green, Tracy Joyce Alexis Herbert Townsend, Cecilia Quirk, Alison Evans Queenie Chan, Terry Frost, Darren Sanderson Dorian Ellis
Blurb From thirteen book sweeping epics to contained trilogies, what are the benefits and pitfalls of great sweeping Epics vs keeping it short? Trans and gender diverse people live among us, in fact they’re roughly twice as common as natural Redheads! How are they represented in spec fic? When are they done well and when do writers fall back on harmful cliches? From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the setup for the DC Justice League movie, to Star Wars spinoffs, there’s no escaping shared universes nowadays.
Are they a good thing or are they destroying creativity and causing studios to latch onto a few IPs and hold tight?
Were the Avengers a Herald of the movie Apocalypse?
A workshop to show you how to build your very own cosplay props. Join Dorian as they guide you through making a cool pair of Goggles, and just in time for the Maskabolo….
4-5 PM Martian Drive-In Podcast Recording Writers and Doubt Climate Fiction and Eco-Punk  
Panelists Terry Frost, Grant Watson, Narrelle Harris Aidan Doyle, Michelle Goldsmith, Steve Cameron, Tracy Joyce, Robert New Jane Routley, Ian Irvine, Cat Sparks, Katherine Phelps
Narrelle Harris and Grant Watson join host Terry Frost to discuss the
ur-superhero comedy The Return Of Captain Invincible, and the future of
genre cinema in general in a live recording of this critically ignored
podcast. There will be irreverence and audience give-aways including Pop
Vinyl figures.
Dealing with Imposter Syndrome. A very real and quite sobering issue, join us for a discussion on how to deal with Imposter syndrome and what we can do to alleviate it. A whole new genre or just a current Sci-Fi trend? What’s popular, what it says about our current societal anxieties and how grounded in science are they?
5-6 PM SF in Our Solar System Saturday “Morning” Cartoons Spectacular
Panelists Michael Sisley, Nathan Cooper, Tsana Dolichva Mitch and Julia
Blurb Why should we always go ‘out there’ for our sci fi? What’s wrong with our own backyard? Exploring stories and ideas for Sci-Fi without ever leaving Sol’s glorious light. Mitch and Julia take a nostalgic trip to Saturday Morning Cartoon Land.
Come reminisce about your old favourites and discover obscure wonders in
this lively presentation.
7:30-11:30 PM
MASKOBALO! Magic Vs Science! The grand ball to end all worlds! (Doors open at 7.30. Costume Parade begins at 8.30)


Room 1 (Granger) Room 2 (Houdini) Room 3 and 4 (Tesla) Workshop (Curie)
10-11 AM Interstitial Fiction Epic Fantasy Where’s Rey?
Panelists Michelle Goldsmith (*), Laura E. Goodin, Laura Wilkinson Ian Irvine, Queenie Chan, Joel Martin, Jenny Ealey Marlee Jane Ward, Kylie Chan, Kat Clay, Norman Cates
Blurb What is it? Is it old or new? Is it the most popular genre you’ve never heard of? Is it dead? Is everything gritty and real now or is there still a place for the Epics escapism? Why are female characters so underrepresented in popular fiction and why is it, when they *are* represented, the merchandising is nowhere to be seen?
11-12 AM Short Novella Doctor Who Villains: Good to be Bad
Panelists Marlee Jane Ward, Kat Clay, Brooke Maggs, Joel Martin Kathryn Andersen, David McDonald, Melissa Christie, Liz Barr, Jason Kevin Groves Ian Irvine, Belinda Crawford, Cam Rogers, Darren Sanderson, Eugene Gramelis
Blurb How to write one and the challenges compared to longer formats Undone, redone, changed, updated and reversed. When is time travel no longer an excuse for retconning and does the series still hold anyone’s interest? How do you make a good (bad) villain and who are our favorites? Is there a key to a memorable villain, and is the villain, really, the best character in the story?
12-1 PM CLOSED CLOSED Guest of Honour Speech
Panelists Kylie Chan
Blurb Kylie and Queenie Chan uncover the hidden powers of fandom – Part 2
2-3 PM Mary Sues Bringing Characters to Life FAN FUND AUCTION Creative Writing
Panelists Sue Bursztynski, Kathryn Andersen, Marlee Jane Ward, Kylie Chan Robert New, Cam Rogers, Michael Pryor, Jenny Ealey, Jack Dann Steve Dillon, Darrell Pitt, Devin Madison, Narrelle Harris
Blurb The Perfect character, often wish fulfilment by the writer. Are they always bad? Are they sometimes necessary? Do some characters such as Rey get falsely accused? Are there double-standards for male and female characters? Creating fully fledged characters can be tricky. How do you make your protagonist and supporting characters feel Real to the reader?

Marvel at delights! Feast your eyes on wonders1 from near and far! Fight2 against rivals to secure items of boundless wealth3! Bid on amazing shiny4 things and help fund fans travelling to other conventions around Australia and the world!

1 Items may not be ‘wonders’ to all people
2 No fighting is to occur at the auction
3 Wealth values of items may be inflated
4 The relative shiny-ness of items is not guarenteed by Continuum

Tips and tricks from a collection of experts, for aspiring and professional writers alike.
3-4 PM Reading Chinese Classics Feminist Fantasy  Fandom Infighting, Drama & Journalism
Panelists Stephanie Lai Ian Irvine, Jane Routley, Queenie Chan, Elaine Walker, Cecilia Quirk  Liz Barr, Lauren E. Mitchell
Blurb Stephanie talks about the didactic format of Chinese SFF/fantasy classics, especially in light of the popularity around Liu Cixin’s series. With most protagonists and important characters being overwhelmingly male, sometimes we cry out for a different kind of hero.
From Xena to Korra to Morgiana we explore Feminist Fantasies and why they’re important to our culture
What’s the craziest things fandom goes nuts over? Which fandom is the most drama filled? And which Fandom news sites are the best for separating the truth from the drama?
4-5 PM Fiction Fixing Reality Horror Stories Plotspirations
Panelists Robert New, Cam Rogers, Jenny Ealey, Cecilia Quirk Julia Svaganovic, Steve Dillon, Michelle Goldsmith Kathryn Andersen, Belinda Crawford, Laura E. Goodin, Steve Cameron, Devin Madison
Blurb From war games helping overcome PTSD to Inside Out greatly assisting Child Psychology, how can speculative fiction help improve our lives? Why do we love being scared? Which type of fear works best? Should it have a message or can it just be horror for it’s own sake? From mashups to bets to eureka moments to messages in the sky, how do you get your ideas? Where do your plot ideas come from?
5-6 PM How to Destroy the World! NaNoWriMo Building a Dramatic Fight Scene
Panelists Craig Cormick, Adrian Melchori, Darren Sanderson, Stephanie Lai Lauren E. Mitchell, Cecil Wilde, Vix Richardson David McDonald, Belinda Crawford, Norman Cates, Laura Wilkinson, Lisa Lagergren
Blurb A workshop for authors wanting to learn basic microphone principles and how to deal with unpleasant live sound at events. Seriously! Join the Evil League of Evil as they describe how to destroy our world with SCIENCE! 30 days. 50,000 words. One novel. Three NaNo veterans will share tales of and answer questions about this unique writing challenge. How do you write a great fight scene? What does it take to make it believable? Come hear some practical tips and watch your moves and techniques demonstrated by some experienced fighters
7-8 PM LARP 101 Queer Fiction Great Debate
Panelists Norman Cates, Laura Wilkinson, Darren Sanderson, Adrian Melchiori Alexis Herbert Townsend, Cecilia Quirk, Cecil Wilde, Lauren E. Mitchell George Ivanoff
Blurb What is LARP, where does it happen and why do people take part? Just the basics, learn what LARP really is Finding yourself in stories. Queer fiction can be hard to find at times, which for some of us can make finding ‘ourselves’ in media a tricky prospect. Come discuss some great examples and help us help you find yourself in fiction Magic can cure all our Ills. Or can it? George once again whips some star panelists into a frenzy of confusion, apparition, jokes, and forgetting which side they’re on
8-9 PM Comics: Taking control makes you evil Collaborative Writing Alternative Sexualities and Relationships
Panelists Darren Sanderson, Candice Schilder, Laura Wilkinson Belinda Crawford, Kat Clay, Michael Pryor, Rjurik Davidson Steve Dillon, Alexis Herbert Townsend, Elaine Walker, Cecilia Quirk
Blurb From Lex Luthor (the self made man who took control of life and vowed to ensure Humanity never needed a Superman to protect it) to Iron Man (who inherited a fortune then.. did pretty much the same) the trend is clear: being a victim and having power thrust upon you makes you good, taking control and seeking power makes you evil. Why is this and what does it say about our collective culture? How to find a writing buddy (or group) and not kill them three days later! How does speculative fiction treat non-heteronormative relationships and are there genres or settings where it’s practically mandatory?
9-10 PM Consent in Spec Fic Anime: So You Don’t Have To Movie Trailers Evening Show
Panelists Kat Clay, Devin Madison, Steve Dillon, Cecilia Quirk Candice Schilder, James Atkin Mitch
Blurb Is a lack of consent the most terrifying thing in storytelling? Are there limits to how far it should go? Is this the essence of true Horror? Candice and James have watched a LOT of anime. Come hear their thoughts, opinions and recommendations for what’s worth watching and what you should stay away from.
10-11 PM Generation Ships in SF Jupiter Ascending
Panelists Michael Sisley, Stephanie Lai, Nathan Cooper, Laura Wilkinson Ju Transcendancing, Grant Watson, Lauren E. Mitchell
Blurb The Generation Ship or Ark Ship is a common device in Sci Fi, showcasing a small contained unit of humanity. Come discuss some iconic examples, why everything inevitably all goes wrong, and just maybe how viable the idea truly is Slammed by critics and a commercial failure, Jupiter Ascending has nevertheless developed a cult following.
Why? Was it simply made with an entirely different audience in mind? Come along for a journey into immortal aliens, reincarnation, wolf shapeshifters, and bees to explore a new definition of taste.


Room 1 (Granger) Room 2 (Houdini) Room 3 and 4 (Tesla)
10-11 AM Reinventing the Bard One True Love (YA) Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Panelists Craig Cormick, Narrelle Harris, Laura E. Goodin, Roman Orszansk, Jane Routley Marlee Jane Ward, Queenie Chan, Sue Bursztyinski, Tracy Joyce Kathryn Andersen, Julia Svaganovic, Steve Cameron, Melissa Christie, Liz Barr, Darren Sanderson
Blurb Why does Shakespearian work provide such a strong foundation for modern storytelling? Unrealistic relationships in YA. Are people being brainwashed by the ‘perfect’ relationships in spec fic or is it simply a product of only showing a snapshot of a protagonist’s life? Come discuss the Trope of Love and whether it needs its heart broken. Revolutionary film or redone cliche cashing in on nostalgia? Badass female heroine or boring Mary Sue? Potential interracial gay couple or just a big tease? We analyse the new movie for any trace of Midichlorians
11-12 AM Jessica Jones Urban Fantasy Children’s Books
Panelists Marlee Jane Ward, Ann Poore, Zen Fletcher Kylie Chan, Roman Orszanski, Melissa Christie, Rjurik Davidson Sue Bursztynski, George Ivanoff,
Blurb A series of powerful metaphors, PTSD and terrifying implications the Jessica Jones comic and TV series has received critical acclaim. Why is it popular and what’s it all about? From October Daye to Harry Dresden, Urban Fantasy paints the world around us in a new light. Why is it popular, what great works are there, and is it any different to Fantasy in an urban setting? What is popular right now and how have ‘kids’ books changed over the years? Are we hitting kids with harder or more complex messages earlier nowadays?
12-1PM Cross-Generational Appeal My Brain to Your Brain Star Trek – The Oncoming Generation
Panelists George Ivanoff, Katherine Phelps, Liz Barr Robert New, Devin Madison Kylie Chan, Darrell Pitt, Norman Cates
Blurb A lot of kids shows these days end up quite loved by grown ups too (Steven Universe, Legend of Korra/Last Airbender, My little Pony), what makes something cross generational and what’s the most ‘adult’ joke ever snuck into a kid’s show? The creative process from start to finish. How does it work? How do you turn a kernel of idea into full fledged reality? What are the pitfalls along the way? With a new series coming out next year, Star Trek has been off the small screen for a long time. How does Star Trek need to adapt from its roots to fit the modern world?
1-2 PM The Author is a Jerk! Is the Original always the best? Nonhuman Protagonists
Panelists David McDonald, Jane Routley, Laura E. Goodin, Steve Cameron, Michelle Goldsmith Kathryn Andersen, Zen Fletcher, Julia Svaganovic, Darren Sanderson, Craig Irvine, Ben O’Mara Belinda Crawford, Dorian Ellis, Rjurik Davidson
Blurb How do the personal opinions and actions of an author affect the reception of their work and do we really care? Should an author’s personal and professional lives remain separate or should we boycott problematic authors? Sequels, spinoffs and remakes are all the rage nowadays. Can they surpass their ancestor or will they be forever in the shadow of the Original? From inhuman aliens to animals to computer programs, writing nonhuman characters is challenging. How do you go about getting people to identify with something alien to them, and how much anthropomorphisation is okay?
2-3 PM