October Newsletter

Welcome to our third newsletter for Continuum 13.  While Melbourne’s continued indecision as to whether or not Summer will be gracing us with its presence this year meant we had to post-pone the Continuum picnic planned for Sunday, the committee continues con planning in all weather conditions. This month we are mulling over programming, relaunching our YouTube channel and thinking about the big genre movies still to come in 2016.

Call for Panels and Panelists
Greetings from the programming team! We’re really excited about how things are shaping up for Continuum 13’s program. It’s early days yet, but we’re well into planning and could probably give you about a day of con right now. For example, here are some of our current ideas:

Pulp SF
Melbourne’s urban legends

Space Westerns
Space Oddity: the SF of David Bowie
The Edge of the Frame: Building worlds that go beyond the visible
The Marvel Netflix Universe
Remarks: The sequel!

We’re aiming to put up a list of possible panels in mid-November — but we need your help.

Continuum’s program is about you, the members, and what you want to see and do and experience at the con. We want your input — fill in our Google Form at https://goo.gl/forms/WIpJgXgEeMJDLhaB2 with your suggestions for panels, workshops and presentations.

Or, to express interest in being on a panel, fill in the Google Form here: https://goo.gl/forms/LTX4qtXWnHglJ93z1

We welcome and encourage diverse voices in our programming, and work to create an inclusive convention community.

Continuumcon YouTube Channel Relaunch
We are also pleased to announce that we have relaunched our YouTube channel. Panels recorded at last years convention will be posted over the following months.   Click here to watch the Continuum 13 Launch.
Continuum at the Movies
We have two exciting movies coming up in the next few months.  Remember to leave space in your calendar for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the 28th November and Star Wars: Rogue One on the 15th December.

Other events you may be interested in include:

Oct 29th – Melbourne Zombie Walk – http://melbournezombiewalk.com/

Nov 1st – Comixpo – http://www.comixpo.com/
Nov 1st – 30th – National Novel Writing Month – http://nanowrimo.org
Nov 4th-6th – Penny Arcade Expo – http://aus.paxsite.com/
For future events and events in other states check out http://www.cannedgeek.com/events

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