New year, new panels! Here is just some of the programming we’re hoping to run at C14:
The Prequel Menace – It’s our regular Star Wars panel … but with a twist. If your first encounter with a galaxy far, far away was via the prequel trilogy, we would love to have you on board to discuss how this has affected your relationship with the franchise and fandom, how you feel about the new trilogy, and the nature of your feelings about Jar Jar Binks.
Middle Grade Magic – Why let the young adults have all the fun? Let’s talk about classic and new speculative fiction for readers aged nine to twelve.
Buffy Comes of Age – 21 years ago Buffy the Vampire Slayer appeared on our screens and changed the landscape forever. We take a look back at this remarkable show, the influence it left and what it means to us.
The Legacy of Le Guin – Celebrating the life and works of the late, great Ursula K. Le Guin, and the impact she has had on the genre.
If these inspire you, email us at
If these don’t inspire you, tell us what does — share your ideas via our programming suggestion form.