The Continuum Deep Dive stream is a place for participants to share brief sparks of in-depth knowledge. 

Have you been researching something niche for your next article, short story or novel? Have you spent six months in the State Library of Victoria archives and have some weird stuff you want to share?

You don’t have to be an expert or an academic, you just have to really know what you’re rambling about. 

Deep Dive slots are approximately 20 minutes, with space for shared question time at the end of each session. Sessions run 2 x 20 minute presentations and 1 x 15 minute Q+A, with presentations paired by the moderator. There are also 40 minute slots available upon application. 

All sessions will be moderated for length and audience participation. 

Confused? Here are some example deep dive topics:

  • ‘Elysium’ and Healthcare in our Dystopic Future
  • Han and Lando definitely had sex: A Solo Presentation
  • Surviving an apocalypse will be depressing 

Email with your 200 word abstract, your background in the area of your presentation, and your preferred length.